EventX releases whitepaper assessing post-COVID event industry

Event management software solutions provider EventX has released a new whitepaper detailing predictions and views on a post-COVID event industry. The responses were gathered from 200 regional industry leaders who participated in an EventX webinar in March 2021.

Participants were asked four questions assessing their thoughts on their event organisation activities during the pandemic and also their thoughts for the future:

  • Which events by industry will emerge first from the pandemic?
  • What percentage of events will turn to a virtual or hybrid format after the pandemic?
  • What has been the deciding factor between the virtual event platforms you have used?
  • Have you noticed a shift in the diversity of attendees from different countries?

In Hong Kong, 50% of respondents believed corporate events will be the first to emerge from the pandemic, followed by exhibitions and conferences (31.3%), and sports and music festivals (15.6%).

As for virtual and hybrid formats, most (48.1%) of Hong Kong respondents believe that 20 to 50% of events will go or remain this route in the future.

For Hongkongers who have had to select virtual event platforms to host their events on, 72.2% of respondents said technical features were the deciding factor in platform choice, followed by localisation (16.7%) and price (5.6%).

Finally, 50% of Hong Kong respondents noticed an uptick in diversity of event attendees from other countries in the the last few months, while 30.8% reported no noticeable change.

"One of the core elements of EventX’s mission is using events to further the sharing of knowledge. With the release of this white paper, we are proud to continue contributing to the discussion within the events community. The last year saw unprecedented circumstances for event agencies and brands alike, and just like them I and the rest of the EventX team cannot wait to see what the future holds," said EventX co-founder/CEO Sum Wong.

The full whitepaper can be viewed here.