Etiqa Insurance spot with Hossan Leong references competitor with similar product

Insurance company Etiqa Insurance Singapore has launched a new campaign to raise awareness on home insurance, and promote its latest home protection plan, Tiq Home Insurance.

The ad sees Hossan Leong giving information on the Tiq Home Insurance coverage, on top of the basic fire plan he owns after “cooking his house”. He then ends the ad by giving FWD’s ad spokesperson Michelle Chong a cheeky call, to ask about her “burnt collections” featured in FWD’s ad spot.

In a conversation with Marketing, a spokesperson from Etiqa said the team thought it would be interesting to add a little fun and “tongue-in-cheek” humour in its videos. When asked by Marketing if the last message in the ad related to FWD’s Home Insurance TVC (Fire), the spokesperson said:

"Yes, we love what they have done, and since both insurers are trying to raise awareness on home insurance and the differences between fire and home contents insurance, we thought that the little fun, tongue-in-cheek tag in our videos could be interesting for consumers."

The spokesperson also added that its ads are designed to resonate positively with the local community, and deliver them in a light-hearted and humorous manner. Thus, the campaign was designed in conjunction with a local boutique agency and production house to further bolster its intention. In addition, Etiqa picked “Singaporean boy” Hossan Leong as its ad ambassador, as he fitted the bill for someone who is funny, humorous and can resonate with the local audience. Marketing has reached out to Etiqa for additional information.

The ad is the first of a video series that the company has planned for the campaign with upcoming ads and creatives to be rolled out in the next few weeks across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. In addition, out-of-home channels will also be used to reach out to audiences in the heartlands and CBD area, the company added.

“Across our marketing strategies, we always keep in mind our brand promise of humanising insurance and our mission to be a leading digital insurer with simple solutions to empower individuals. We will continue to create fun and intriguing campaigns to liven up the otherwise ‘boring’ insurance market, or so perceived by the mass”, Etiqa added.

Watch the spots here:

Written by Violet Lim.