Etiqa Insurance shows how tech brings families closer during festive seasons

Etiqa Insurance's Chinese New Year spot titled "新年你有回家吗?" (Are you going home this Chinese New Year?) highlights the trend of consumers being unable to invest quality time with loved ones due to increasing pressure to meet expectations at work and school.

The phrase 你有回家吗? (Are you going home?) is among the essential Malaysian festive gesture practiced regardless of race and culture, one that creates feelings of anticipation and excitement of going home and spending time with friends and family.

Done in collaboration with 16TWO, the spot features three Malaysian who hesitate when asked "你有回家吗? (Are you going home?)", knowing fully well that they are unable to do so. Their extremely busy lives prevented them from spending time with their family during Chinese New Year as they have prior work and school commitments.



However, with the power of technology, these individuals eventually unite during the festive season with their loved ones through the digital screen. The approach of predictive technology is also brought forth through these relationships and the conversations they have with each other.

The exchanges is said to symbolically represent how Etiqa as an insurance platform is able to predict and then understand its audience by illustrating how the main characters are able to predict the behaviours of the people around them through the use of their inner thoughts and monologues.