Etika and Entropia use UV invisible ink and VR tech in latest campaign

Etika, partnering up with Entropia, brought alive a multimedia immersive experience merging the virtual and physical worlds for the Dew Challenge 2016. The new mixed reality campaign takes cue from Mountain Dew’s positioning of ‘it doesn’t exist until you do it’ and the current global campaign “Drone Hunting now exists”.

“Dew Challenge Drone Hunt” is an exciting mobile game that combines multiplayer dynamics, virtual reality, mental and physical challenges to hunt for virtual drones in real locations.

During the on-going regional rounds, players must capture as many virtual Mountain Dew drones and battle against each other to earn the highest points. Only the top ten participants from each of the five regions will proceed to the grand finale. The regions are Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Johor.

Ramakrishnan, partner at Entropia, said: “We conceptualised the campaign from ground-up with the core idea to convert every touchpoint into a gaming experience and bring alive the physical and virtual drone hunting experience for all casual gamers."

Among the breakthrough initiative was to bring alive the drone hunt in newspapers. For the first time in Malaysia, a UV invisible ink based special ad was created to entice consumers. The idea was to encourage engagement among readers to find hidden drones embedded within the print ad - using a custom designed UV torch light that was included in the newspaper.

Santharuban, Group Marketing Manager of Etika, said: “The campaign has so far given us great traction in which all the spots for the games and the tournament were snapped up very quickly.The synergy between the team at Etika with our colleagues at PEPSICO as well as the new age campaign ideas from Entropia has helped us bring this campaign to life.”

All digital touchpoints are also converted into virtual drone hunting zones with 360 pictures and videos to cue the experience. This mainly targets casual gamers. The mobile game is activated in a ‘geo-fenced’ location, and at every regional round the participants embark on an immersive drone hunting journey - battling with each other in a game of speed, strategy and wits. A special virtual ‘Voltage’ stations, based on the new Mountain Dew variant, are located within the play area – so the gamers can take a break, charge their phones and get immunity from battles.

The first two regional rounds have seen hundreds of participants sweat it out come rain or shine to be in the top 10. The finale is slotted to be held in early December.