Ethics in our industry: Someone had to say it #SGiscreative

Talking about ethics in our industry is...well, let's just say a bit tricky. All's fair in love and business, is what it seems to be at times, so much so that it has now become a norm. To call pitches last minute and leave them undecided, ask agencies to make "unlimited" changes, pick the cheapest vendor quotation, drop your pants to get more business, to get your agency to do all the mundane chores of your life - all seem fair.

Not always do we take a step back to assess the way we are getting the work done. But hang on, why do that when the work is actually getting done, right?

But once in a while, someone just spells it out for the industry as is. At Creative Morning held today, Pat Law, the founder of Goodstuph did just that. Read on to see what she had to say on ethics in our industry.

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(Photo courtesy: @chewmarilyn)