Estee Lauder rethinks pink to push for breast cancer awareness

Estee Lauder Companies has launched a new breast cancer campaign titled "Rethink Pink", to raise awareness for breast cancer and the ways to overcome it by encouraging conversation on social media, as well as educating people on preventive measures.

The campaign will run on social media and out-of-home channels until 31 October 2017. A microsite was also created for consumers to pledge for the cause and learn more about breast cancer through the educational content and details of offline activities housed on the website. Digital transformation agency Passion Peers was involved in the execution of the campaign.

According to Estee Lauder Companies, 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of its breast cancer campaign, which started from co-founder Evelyn H. Lauder's vision to overcome the disease plaguing women worldwide due to the lack of awareness and funding. "Rethink Pink" was anchored on raising awareness through a digitally-led approach.

According to Yvonne Ng, senior marketing manager, Estee Lauder Companies, "Rethink Pink" stemmed from the notion to prompt consumers to rethink the efforts that have been made to raise awareness about breast cancer. It also reminds consumers to assess how far breast cancer research has come over the last 25 years and inform them that there is an optimistic outlook in finding a cure.

The company incorporated the word "pink" into the official campaign name as the colour has been synonymous with breast cancer awareness and is also a symbolic association of good health, she said.

"'By taking a fun and organic approach, a social movement was created to prompt everyone to jump on board and be part of the campaign to spread this positive outlook," Ng added. Donations will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to provide global support for research, education and medical services for the cause.

"All along we have been doing things very differently for Estee Lauder Companies brands – Clinique and Lab Series. A simple omni-channel experience with an impactful treatment on the digital site was what we were going after. We want people to see that how a small pledge can change things (figuratively represented through the unveiling of the illustration on the pledging page) in their life," Kanika Agarwal, principal strategy consultant and CEO, Passion Peers, said.