Esquire MY rekindles real-life conversations with new talk series

Esquire Malaysia has launched the inaugural edition of its Esquire Talks series, which saw chef James Won (pictured second from right), consummate restaurateur Roberto Guiati (pictured second from left) and award-winning filmmaker Saw Teong Hin (pictured left), speaking at the event. Esquire Malaysia collaborated with Hugo Boss for the event.

Themed "Own Your Journey", Won, Guiati and Saw each shared insights into how they found their vocation. According to Esquire Malaysia's editor-in-chief Jason Tan (pictured right), Esquire Talks aims to bring men at their best off the printed page and smartphone screens, and rekindle real-life conversations.

A common thread that emerged was the unorthodox paths the three men have taken, and their commitment to be focused on their goal despite what life throws their way. Among the subjects touched on were competitiveness, provenance, authenticity, meeting the market, and the cost of staying true to one's vision.

A+M has reached out to Esquire Malaysia for comment.

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