Ericsson pushes for brand awareness amongst upscale audiences

Ericsson has partnered up with CNN International for an integrated advertising campaign to promote Ericsson's brand awareness amongst global upscale audiences.

The creative production for the advertising spot, billboards, co-branded promotions and online branding will be developed by Turner Commercial Productions, CNN International Commercial's advertising sales creative solutions division.

Starting today, the main focus of Ericsson's activity with CNN is in association with Tomorrow Transformed, a new strand of programming about innovation in society and business enabled by technology. The segments will air fortnightly during CNN International's Quest Means Business and News Stream.

The segments will air on CNN US to reach a global audience. Also, the adverts produced for Ericsson will air across CNN International, and a Tomorrow Transformed microsite on The website will have exclusive Ericsson advertising banners.

“We believe Tomorrow Transformed is an ideal concept to rightly associate our brand with the very latest in how industries and society are transforming through mobility and ICT,” Ola Rembe, vice president external communications, Ericsson said.

Petra Malenicka, vice president, ad sales, EMEA, CNN International said: "Tomorrow Transformed is an exciting editorial proposition that will engage our viewers in many aspects of innovation. By aligning with Tomorrow Transformed and embarking on an integrated spot and digital campaign with CNN, Ericsson will enhance its brand credentials amongst our unrivalled upscale global audience."