Entropia launches study to offer insights on targeting "moments"

Marketing services consultancy Entropia has launched a new study called “Moment is the new Marketplace”. Done in collaboration with Nielsen, the quantitative study takes a deep view of people’s lives as a collection of moments based on seven different parameters - time, place, company, activity, mood, content, channel and need states.

The study also maps people’s propensity towards 28 new tech-enhanced experiences (such as mixed reality, AI, 360 video, drones and facial recognition) that are re-inventing brand experiences in the right moments.

“As people try to pack a lot more life per life, more and more people live in moments, rather than broad generic segments. It is imperative for marketers to understand the moments that matter for their brand and commerce and plug into them with the right form of content and channels. This study provides a base on which their behavioral data could be grafted on," Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia, said.

Hanim Mazam (pictured), the head of insights at Entropia agreed with Ramakrishnan, adding that “Moment is the new message” now.

“People want brands to be in the moment, when they want, where they want. People expect commerce to come to their lives, belong in the moment, rather than having to seek it out all the time. It is at the cusp of moment and content, that brand connections are made, and the real sale happens,” Mazam said.

The study takes a sample size of 1,000 urban Malaysia aged 18 to 49. It aims to form an important link between offline and online communication planning by enabling moment targeting across platforms.

It has thrown some interesting findings, such as the rise of friends at work as a major influencer in many categories, or the rise of weekday lunchtime shopping driven by e-commerce. The survey maps the mood graph throughout the day and discovers the importance of 3pm blues, among many other things.