Entertain first, sell later video ads make viewers click

Creating well-made video ads that audiences remember is a must now. However, this isn’t enough. Brands have been quick to realise that they must also offer truly creative and most importantly, authentic video ads that are unforgettable.

This past quarter, brands on the 2016 Q1 Hong Kong YouTube ads leaderboard aimed to and were successful in creating instant affinity with target audiences.

Top five YouTube ads in Hong Kong:

1. Nestlé once again took the top spot with 李光洙 X 魯芬 X 劉以達【新年能得利 II】賀年山歌 Lee Kwang Soo FRUTIPS MV 2016 which features Korean star Lee Kwan Soo singing, dancing and offering antics that tell just how much fun FRUTIPS is, especially during Chinese New Year. More importantly, this super-fun ad offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with viewers clicking reload over and over again.

2. L’Oreal’s 譚杏藍 Hana Tam - 新年超簡單拜年頭三枚 plays the authenticity and humor cards by putting local creator Hana Tam front and center in this hilarious video on the best hairstyles to have – when visiting friends, boyfriends or your boss during Chinese New Year – using L’Oreal hair products. With this major holiday at the heart of the ad, local relevance was a key factor in ensuring this video’s success. And similar to the FRUTIPS ad, the L’Oreal name appears subtly to effectively increase brand recall.

3. SK-II’s newest video, SK-II #changedestiny : 聽不到的舞者 林靖嵐, for its #ChangeDestiny campaign  offers audiences a brief but unforgettable glimpse into the world of Lin Ching-lan, who despite being born deaf, overcame overwhelming odds to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer.

4. Motorola’s G Turbo smartphone ad,  譚杏藍 Hana Tam - G • 情人  feat. 恆仔, saw local creator Hana Tam playing up to every local boy’s desire – having the perfect girlfriend who loves him, inspires him and helps him out in all things. This ad once again proves how the – entertain first, sell later strategy – ensures success.

5. Miss Sue 護膚方法大公開 [內有素顏、廣告], featuring Chinese-Korean creator Sue Chang, who also happens to speaks fluent Cantonese, offers audiences a sneak peek into her daily face and skin care regime using Soo Beauté products. In the video, not only is she make-up free, she teaches audiences how to speak beauty-related Korean phrases, piquing audience’s interest in the products she’s selling.