Energizer unleashes a bigger and better bunny

Energizer Holdings has launched a new campaign called “Bigger, better, bunnier”. As part of the campaign, the iconic Energizer bunny will be getting a new look.

According to the company, his image has been modified to showcase his fun and witty personality with a slimmer bodyshape and more expressive facial features. He will also have an increased flexibility and movement. However, there are certain aspects of the bunny that will remain intact, such as his iconic pink fur, sunglasses, and blue flip-flops.

The brand’s tagline will also change from “Keep going” to “Still going!” and the new tagline is designed to reinforce consumers of the brand’s long-lasting heritage as well as its long-lasting products.

This is the result of a year-long development process dedicated to aligning the Energizer bunny’s iconic status with today’s rich new media options, said the company. The process resulted in an updated look, and a new agenda for the high-powered hare.

“The Energizer bunny has stood for long-lasting power and an unstoppable will to keep going. We know consumers love him, but lately, they have told us that they want more to see more of the bunny,” said Michelle Atkinson, Energizer's chief consumer officer.

“Therefore, we are going to unleash the Bunny like never before, using today’s media landscape as a perfect playground for his disruptive nature to break through.”

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