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Empowering financial freedom: Singlife’s commitment to a better future

Empowering financial freedom: Singlife’s commitment to a better future

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Bridging the gap, and fostering financial competence

In a world where financial freedom seems like an elusive dream for many, Singlife, a leading home-grown financial services company, has taken on a powerful mission to create “A better way to financial freedom”.

With a deep commitment to empower individuals in their pursuit of financial independence, Singlife aims to bridge the protection, wealth and knowledge gap by providing thoughtful, accessible, and customised solutions for its customers.

Understanding financial freedom: Insights from Singlife’s Financial Freedom Index

Singlife’s dedication to promoting financial freedom is not just a hollow promise; it is backed by rigorous research and data. The Financial Freedom Index, a comprehensive study commissioned by Singlife in 2022, aimed to gauge the level of financial freedom among Singaporeans and their perceptions of it. The study interviewed 3,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents, offering valuable insights into the current personal financial landscape.

The findings revealed that a majority of respondents (seven out of 10) understood the importance of working towards financial freedom and actively sought to achieve it. However, only one out of three claimed to have attained this goal.

The study also identified the primary drivers of feeling financially free, with the ability to retire at any time and the freedom to give back to society regularly topping the list. As financial freedom holds varying definitions for individuals at different life stages, Singlife is committed to helping all consumers realise their unique financial freedom aspirations.

Singlife’s brand campaign: A promise of empowerment

To complement the research findings, Singlife launched a compelling brand campaign in September. Titled “The Dream”, the campaign depicts the aspiration of everyday Singaporeans to retire early with peace of mind.

In this narrative, a middle-aged couple embarks on an adventurous retirement journey, living in an RV amidst lush greenery and exploring the world.

Mediacorp celebrity Pierre Png, Singlife’s brand ambassador, makes a special appearance as their “dream” neighbour before the film rounds up with the significance of pursuing one’s dreams, and how Singlife empowers Singaporeans to take the first step in achieving their unique vision of financial freedom.

“The Dream” uses the quintessentially local expression “Caaaaan!” throughout its marketing and communications assets, highlighting the parallels between its brand story and Singapore's national journey.

This colloquial phrase is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Singapore's spirit of resilience and determination, while simultaneously underscoring Singlife's commitment to helping Singaporeans achieve their financial goals.

Comprehensive insurance solutions, and empowered communities

Singlife's brand promise of a better way to financial freedom extends beyond inspiring commercials and captivating campaigns. The company walks the talk by offering a comprehensive suite of insurance products that cater to individuals at every life stage.

Whether it's electric vehicle insurance, disability protection, maternity insurance, or home insurance, Singlife ensures complete protection against unexpected costs that could hinder one's journey to financial freedom.

Singlife understands that true financial freedom requires not only individual empowerment, but also the cultivation of strong and resilient communities. Through targeted initiatives, Singlife invests in financial literacy and fosters a sense of community, enabling individuals to overcome challenges and create a sustainable future for themselves and their loved ones.

The journey to financial freedom with Singlife

Singlife's brand mission of “A better way to financial freedom” is more than just a slogan; it is a promise backed by data, research, and genuine dedication to empowering individuals.

Through its brand campaign, comprehensive product offerings, and commitment to financial competence, Singlife seeks to bridge the gap between dreams and reality, helping Singaporeans envision and achieve their unique vision of financial freedom.

Singlife recognises that each person’s journey to financial freedom is unique, and it is committed to providing the support and coverage needed at every step of the way.

Whether it's planning for retirement, protecting against unforeseen events, or building a diversified investment portfolio, Singlife as a trusted partner provides innovative and tailored solutions to ensure that individuals have the next-gen tools and resources to navigate their financial journey with confidence.

Singlife’s message is clear: no matter how big or small your dreams, it is here to provide the support needed to turn those dreams into a tangible and sustainable reality. Together, we can build a future where financial freedom is within reach for everyone.

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