Emma Watson’s nude photo leak threat revealed as marketing stunt

Following Harry Potter actress Emma Watson’s well-received speech on feminism, a website, EmmaYouAreNext.com, surfaced, threatening to release nude photos of the actress, showing a clock counting down to Saturday midnight, claiming this was a response to the speech.

This was found to be a viral marketing stunt by a site calling itself Rantic Marketing, claiming to want to shut down the website 4chan.

The website is now gone and visitors are instead forwarded to the company’s page.

"None of these women deserve this," the page states. "Join us as we shutdown 4chan and prevent more pictures from being leaked."

However, right next to its purportedly noble stand, the site boasts about the stunt’s social success. The next screen says the emmayouarenext.com site reached 48 million visitors, 7 million Facebook shares and likes, and 3 million Twitter mentions.

This other tweet also shows the organisers crowing about the marketing stunt (or hoax’s) success, later promoting its own brand and services.


Several media have raised speculation if Rantic is a real company or merely another stunt.

Real or not, was this going too far just for the viral effect?