Emirates launches new brand promise of 'Fly Better'

Emirates has launched a new campaign called "Fly Better", as part of its new brand promise to customers. The campaign launches on 1 November in a bid to showcase the airline's in-flight entertainment system. The ad, directed by the man behind ‘The Greatest Showman’ musical, Michael Gracey, features a cabin crew member transitioning to a dancer. The dancer balances between both Bollywood to Hip Hop in a bid to represent the range of content on the entertainment system. The spot ends with Emirates’ trademark light humour.

The campaign was created in-house by Emirates’ head of brand, Richard Billington. In addition to traditional advertising and digital platforms, the new “Fly Better” brand promise will also be rolled out across Emirates’ sponsorships and events portfolio. The first “Emirates Fly Better” in-stadium branding will be unveiled at the Meydan racecourse in Dubai from 1 November, in time for the start of the racing season. This will be followed by global exposure via the on-field perimeter billboards at the much-anticipated Arsenal versus Liverpool football match on 3 November. On 11 November, Emirates-sponsored team AC Milan will also debut Fly Better for the first time on their team jerseys, in their highly-anticipated Serie A match against rivals Juventus.

Watch it here:

The spot has garnered over 8,500 views at the time of writing. In addition to this, Emirates will also release a second ad spot, to run concurrently. The second ad looks to promote Emirates’ extensive network of global destinations. This second ad takes us across the world to the tune of a catchy song composed specifically for the campaign.  Taking viewers from the plains of Kenya to the Eiffel Tower and finally the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the ad is edited in a style that has now become Emirates’ hallmark, featuring seamless transitions between destinations and Emirates’ onboard features.

“On this day in 1985, Emirates flew its first customers from Dubai to Karachi. While the airline has grown exponentially since, our promise to customers remains unchanged - flying Emirates means enjoying a better flying experience,” said Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline.

“The drive to innovate and ‘be better’ is hardwired into Emirates’ DNA, and this enables us to deliver air travel experiences that are comfortable and enjoyable in every cabin class, time and again.  Emirates was the first to introduce personal screens in every seat in every class, we led the way for better international telephone and Wi-Fi services onboard, we pioneered private suites in first class, brought bars and shower spas onboard, and we continue to introduce game-changing products like virtual windows. Now, we are affirming that superiority and inviting travellers to “Fly Better” with Emirates,” Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ Divisional SVP, corporate communications, marketing and brand, said.