Elianto tests durian-flavoured lipstick

Several local brands in recent years have tapped into the popularity of the king of fruits by producing durian-flavoured products. When it comes to coffee, consumers have a range of choices such as Tan Kim Hock’s Antongcafe Durian White Coffee, Coffee Tree’s Mycafe Penang Durian White Coffee and Hicomi’s Musang King Durian three-in-one white coffee. Additionally, durian-flavoured condoms by Karex are also available to consumers.

Jumping on the durian hype is Malaysian cosmetic brand Elianto, which is making waves online among durian lovers and beauty fans with the launch of its pesticide-free Musang King-flavoured lipstick. On 22 November, the company teased its audience with an image of its new bright yellow lipstick, along with hashtag #yellowisthenewred.

“Load your lips with the all-time [favourite] plush, fruity [flavour-rich] sensation of Elianto Make Up Musang King Lipstick – our shockingly smooth lip color that glides right on and stays in place with a silky glossy finish all day long,” Elianto wrote in the Facebook post. The company also stated that its durian lipstick would fix the occasional craving of a durian lover, with a supposed testimonial from a durian lover stating,”I always had that urge to eat the king of fruit on seasonal basis but now, I can have it on every time and licking my lips with lipstick on can never taste this good.”

“Never doubt. All Malaysians love durian, and this scientific marvel is even said to be able to cure hangover and prevent alcoholic blackout. You can’t be better equip for the festive season ahead without the Elianto Make Up Musang King Lipstick,” the Facebook post added.

According to The Star, however, the product is not yet on the shelf, and while Elianto has plans to manufacture the lipstick, it is currently merely testing the market.

A+M has reached out to Elianto for further comment.

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