Efficient, cost-saving communication with customers using chatbots

In recent years, customer experience has taken a significant role in branding, and social media is a key player in CRM management. While working with Mead Johnson, the leading infant milk powder brand in Hong Kong, CMRS found that parents increasingly like to ask questions about products and related promotions, seminars, etc. on social media platforms.

Moreover, timely feedback and customised responses would directly impact the purchasing process. Based on our insights, we helped Mead Johnson design the first chatbot in the nutrition category in the Hong Kong market - “MOMsenger”, which can directly and instantly engage parents and parents-to-be, without limitation on the time, date or place. We considered the following during our development:

1. Chatbot is an intelligent intermediary between brand and consumers. The in-depth interaction between consumers and chatbots makes it an important channel for expanding brand relationships and helps establish long-term development with consumers.

2. Chatbot can offer target audience a personalised experience and create a better engagement environment. For example, providing optimised search results and feedback time, learning consumers’ preference, and as a result it can better predict consumer behavior and provide tailor-made information. The ultimate intention is to enhance the customer experience and customer loyalty.

3. Chatbot provides a standardised way to connect with businesses, reducing the complexity of users looking for business contact information. By integrating Facebook accounts, chatbots enable organisations to validate personal information automatically without the need for cumbersome account inquiries. Furthermore, chatbot delivers a seamless customer experience to help users connect, consult and consume without leaving the platform.

4. Chatbot can facilitate multiple types of media such as web links, video, photos and sounds to transmit information which can enrich the variety in branded content.

5. Cost saving and greatly improve the working efficiency. The research indicates that by using a chatbot, a company can significantly reduce the cost of labor and time and free up manpower from simple, repetitive daily tasks.

CMRS highly recommends chatbot as an important and necessary way to enhance the customer experience. We join hands with clients to continuously optimise chatbots in order to provide consumers with the best customer experience and achieve an omni-win situation.

By Barry Lau, group director of CMRS Group.