TSLA to establish Global UX Lab

Singapore Economic Development board (EDB) is partnering up with The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) to help accelerate the agency's growth in global User Experience and Experience Design capabilities. This will take the form of a Global UX Lab that focuses on three key pillars — user experience (UX), technology, and product design.

According to a statement from the agency, with EDB’s support, it aims to deliver innovative experiences that go beyond the realm of advertising. The lab’s capabilities will be supported by aggressive talent development efforts, through exposure for TSLA’s employees to global leadership conferences and training seminars. This move is set to attract talent outside of the traditional advertising sphere, such as engineers, architects and designers in the field of robotics, systems and info-communications.

“With EDB’s support, we are able to realise our creative ambitions to deliver innovative experiences that go beyond the realm of advertising. This becomes effortless for us now because we already have an in-house eco system of talent, equipment and processes that we have been growing from strength to strength,” said TSLA’s co-founder & CEO, Nicholas Ye.

“User experience is a key skill set for brand building going forward. We welcome the establishment of TSLA’s UX Lab, and look forward to seeing a Singaporean agency drive world-class, innovative work from Singapore, and export ideas to the rest of the world,” Kelvin Wong, assistant managing director of the Board, said.

“TSLA’s success within the realms of creativity have been attributed largely to our agile abilities to adopt and fuse technology, and experience design into our agency model,” added Ronnie Liew, chief technology officer of TSLA.

Marketing has reached out to TSLA for more information on the new initiative.

Image: Shutterstock