Eastwest PR looks to expand in its 20th year

As the agency hits its 20th anniversary in June, Eastwest PR’s founder Jim James said the agency is looking to expand via organic growth, and potentially for investment.

Founded in Singapore in 1995, the agency has expanded to China and India offering traditional media relations and digital social media communications. Initially focused on the broadcast industry, the agency broadened its client base to business to business technology and life sciences in Singapore, and more recently to education and automotive in China and real estate in India.

The mission statement of the agency in 1995 was ‘Access to Asia’ and the team has remained focused on this by a vision of ‘adding value with every communication.’ In 2006, the founder and director, Jim James, moved to Beijing to open the China offices, then in 2014 the Bangalore offices were opened by Sanjay Bose, Associate Director for India.

Early clients included Quantel in digital graphics, and Tegic, the inventors of predictive text entry in 1997. Yahoo shopping, Inmarsat satellite telecommunications, ECA International, Sony Pictures, Microsoft, Philips Consumer Electronics, RIM and Nortel sustained and grew the Agency. Opening in China, EASTWEST supported AVNET on a regional basis, ECI Telecom, Sciex and latterly the Universities of York and Kent along with AGA and Morgan Motor Company. The India office quickly acquired clients including IEEE which was also a China client, Pubmatic, Tenneco and Tamara Coorg.

Here’s James on what’s ahead for the firm:

What are major highlights for Eastwest this year?

The most significant milestone is the 20th Anniversary in June. I started the agency in Singapore and now we have grown to be a regional network with offices in Singapore, Beijing and Bangalore. We are proud of our new client wins including leading technology companies AccessData, Avnet, CommScope, SCIEX, TmaxSoft, and also of our long term retainers like Avnet, with whom we have worked since 2008. In Beijing the team has continued work with clients including The Open Group, Key Sight Technologies, Morgan cars, and also won AGA Range Master and iQ Air. The India office organised the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets, and is retained by Pubmatic, and real estate firms Ozone Group and Skylark Mansions. All in all, the Eastwest Group is in great shape for a 20 year old.

What’s ahead for Eastwest?

The Eastwest Group is now ready for expansion via organic growth and potentially for investment. Our client base is strong and as a debt free independent Group we have the opportunity to explore ways to build the network in order to offer our clients more services across more markets. In the short term we will increase the staff strength, especially in China and India where the markets have more scale, and in the medium to long term we are exploring partnerships at an equity level to integrate EASTWEST into an international communications network.

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