Durex urges users to ‘get busy’ amidst global Facebook outage

While everyone else is constantly refreshing their Facebook or Instagram pages and checking to see if WhatsApp finally allows downloads, Durex Singapore showed its cheeky side once again by poking fun of the global outage.

In a Facebook post, Durex posted an image of its condom pack with the caption, “Everyone: #whatsappdown. Me: But I can go down on you.” The contraceptives brand urged users to “get busy” while social media channels are inaccessible. Clearly, Durex wanted to add some lighthearted humour to the situation which left users in a frenzy.


Meanwhile, users took to Twitter to also bash Facebook for the outage of Instagram and WhatsApp. Some netizens also took a jab at Facebook by rejoicing at the fact that Twitter is still accessible. One user sarcastically thanked the heavens that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg does not own Twitter, while another added that it was time to remember his LinkedIn login details since social media channels are down.

Durex has been creative and witty with its social media postings, jumping on trends whenever appropriate and necessary. While fans reel in shock over the devastating news of the divorce between South Korean celebrities Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki, Durex took a lighthearted approach on this matter by putting a Hokkien twist to the surname “Song”.

The post showed two story panels, one featuring a couple looking sad and supposedly crying, with a broken heart above them and the words “Not ‘Song’”. Meanwhile, the other panel showed a box of Durex Mutual Climax condoms with the words “Very ‘song’” (Very satisfying). The post was captioned “Same same, but different.”