Durex unveils “lasting performance” for fake film premier

Riding on the recent popularity of superhero movies, Durex has launched a new movie-themed campaign called Performan to promote its new condom line.

Jointly created by creative agency Kitchen and media agency PHD, Performan mimics the promotion and build-up to the release of a movie, in order to word-of-mouth among the public about the product.

"Since we wanted the public to believe it was a real movie, we created the Performan ‘film' poster at MTR stations, cinemas, YouTube and MTR trackside - just like how a movie usually markets itself," said Alan Kan, creative partner at Kitchen.

A 12-minute micro-movie about how the products help man to have "lasting performance" was also launched on YouTube and a "movie-style" website was launched in the second phase.

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"According to a Durex study, sex is not an existing topic among Hong Kong people compared to other Asian countries. That's why we are trying to promote the new product line in a rather innovative way," said Rex Tang, associate director of PHD.

"The strategy for this campaign is to leverage on the current superhero movie wave to stir conversation and increase the number of searches on both Durex products and the micro-movie," he added.

The full version of Durex micro-movie was uploaded on YouTube and the site to solve the riddles, along with newspaper ads, banner ads, TVC, and QR Code on the POP that printed with Durex logo and products.