Durex comes back furry bunnies

Building on the success of its last campaign “Performan” which led to a 67% increase in retail sales, Durex has rolled out a new execution to help launch its latest product line, Durex Real Feel.

Created by Kitchen, the campaign uses wordplay on the product’s ambassador “Furry Bunny” (homonyms in Cantonese as “Condom free”), aiming to emphasise the 'bare skin' feeling of the new product in a tongue-in-cheek approach.

It comprises of 12 constellation-inspired viral videos on Facebook as well as a TVC that will run throughout December.

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“This campaign is harder then the previous one (Performan) as flimsy feeling is an abstract idea that is difficult to deliver. Endorsing Furry Bunny is a much easier way to get audience to understand the message.” said Alan Kan, creative director of Kitchen.

“In this campaign, we try to use some bite size entertainment such as the viral videos in a tongue-in-cheek approach in order to make the new product more approachable and less embarrassing to be mentioned,” he added.

Kelly Fung, brand manager of Durex, said the campaign demonstrates its playful and innovative tone and local consumer insight.

"We try to engage with audiences by adopting one of the most common gossip for Hong Kongers – constellation, and by that, to create positive conversations about the brand and the product.”

She added that digital is the most powerful channel to engage with audience and it will be the priority for Durex's future marketing plans.

Media placement in the campaign is handled by Durex's media partner PHD Hong Kong.

Each video is themed with each star sign, the full series here: