Dunkin' drops limited-edition scented candles ahead of holiday season


Dunkin' has unveiled limited-edition Dunkin-scented candles for customers in the US in time for the holiday season. Created in partnership with Homesick which specialises in soy wax candles, Dunkin' offers scents such as Peppermint Mocha, Old Fashioned Donut, and Dunkin' Original Blend.

The scents were launched yesterday and has since garnered positive reactions from netizens online. Several users said they were psyched to get their hands on the candles.

Dunkin' is however not the first brand to venture into a new item collection. Earlier this year, KFC took it a notch further with a launch of its KFC gravy-scented candles in the UK. The limited-edition candles were sold on a first-come first-serve basis. Netizens online had a field day, with memes and jokes about purchasing the candle and constantly craving for fried chicken. Some of the other netizens were not in favour of a savoury candle.


That was not the first time KFC has released a scented candle. In 2016, it released a fried chicken-scented candle in New Zealand and released a Facebook competition handing out these limited-edition candles. In 2017, KFC Japan also released a fried chicken-scented bath bomb for people to bathe in the scent of its 11 herbs and spices.

Meanwhile, about three years ago, Pizza Hut too played a prank on netizens by unveiling Pepperoni Aromatherapy Candles. The brand later revealed that the candle was part of a April Fools' Day joke and will not be producing any. On its Facebook post, netizens were tagging friends and families on the comment section. Some of the netizens even showed interest in purchasing a pizza scented candle.


If you think food brands are the only ones being cheeky, you are wrong. A couple of days ago, footwear company UGG dropped festive scents exclusively on Bed Bath & Beyond. The scents however, are not to recreate UGG's fuzzy boots smell and merely to busk in the holiday season. The scented candles come in Apple Wreath, Candied Cookies, Cedar Balsam, and Cinnamon Spice scents. Each glass jar will be wrapped in a faux suede with the UGG logo on it.

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Which scent would you like to try?

Dunkin' - Peppermint Mocha
Dunkin' - Old Fashioned Donut
Dunkin' - Original Blend
KFC - Gravy
KFC - Fried Chicken
Pizza Hut - Pepperoni Aromatherapy