Driving consumer behaviour through social media

With social media evolving rapidly, adaptability is key to understanding in driving consumer behaviour through social media.

Recognising the unprecedented opportunities of leveraging it to make informed business decisions, Digimind and Hootsuite joined hands for an evening of networking and insights sharing on how to drive customer behaviour through social influence. The evening saw over 70 digital marketers gathering to hear insights on using social listening and engagement to value add to their respective businesses.

Here are three takeaways from the night:

Defining the consumer’s online journey: Different segments behave differently. Although majority begin at Google, when gathering information and opinions on new or complex products is important.

Content and user engagement: While it is undeniable that user-generated content is the next big thing for brands, the fact remains that consumers on social media are real people. Adding value for them to build your brand is essential to maximise consumer engagement. Interestingly, mobile-born WeChat and LINE were noted for being ahead of Facebook for engaging the younger audience.

How to use insights for business needs: With the large volume of information and data available for consumers on social media, brands can maximise the full capacity of these data by keeping the business objective in mind. Data is not King; knowing what to do with it is.