Draftfcb goes back to its heritage as FCB

Six months after Carter Murray took over Draftfcb as global CEO, the agency has simplified its brand and returned to its roots as FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding).

The move comes seven years after Draft and FCB merged to form DraftFCB.

“It’s time to simplify our brand name as well to reflect our focused identity and direction,” Murray said, adding that the firm is now equipped with a “seamless offering”.

Howard Draft’s role as executive chairman and key advisor to Murray will remain unchanged.

The new identity will see an important local element market-by-market with names of each city added on the new brand FCB, using a diagonal line through the B and the first letter of the local moniker.

But selective markets will see a slight difference with a new name added with the acquired company. Its London office, for instance, will be re-named FCB Inferno; if any specific expertise involved, the agency will take on that name of the specific field as with FCB Health in this case.

In rare cases such as New York, the added name will be a highly respected creative leader used for further enhancement on the office’s reputation. For example,  its New York office is being renamed FCB Garfinkel.

The rebranding comes with a new logo design which loosely depicts the colors of country flags from around the world. It is designed by Luis Silva Dias, chief creative officer of FCB International.

Logo FCB

“All of the capabilities that made Draft such an industry leader remain essential to the future of FCB, including CRM, analytics, retail and activation. We will continue to invest in and deliver on all of these while ensuring a strong overall creative product,” added Murray.

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