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Downy and Grey Group Hong Kong introduce “Scent by Downy”

What’s a text message to you? Cold, straightforward, and otherwise devoid of life? P&G’s fabric softener brand Downy wants to mix things up with its new “Scent by Downy” campaign.

In commemoration of the brand’s foray into China, Downy and Grey Group Hong Kong introduced “Scent by Downy”. Because scent can trigger emotions and the brand found a way to communicate and introduce these scents in one of the most popular forms of communications – text messaging.

The concept is simple, Downy partnered with a digital scent technologist in Japan, and chose 100 frequently texted words. These act as keywords to trigger one of the 3 scents built into the scent device. Users download an app and connect it via bluetooth to their phones and the scents are activated whenever a keyword is used in a text message.

This took place on 20 December, 2017, a one-off special 24-hour promotion deal for the device during the new year season on TMall flagship store and the 5,000 gift sets were available on a first come first serve basis.

Anjali Jain. SVP, regional business director
Desmond Li, senior account director
Christy Leung, account rxecutive
Michael Knox, chief creative officer
Christopher Lee, group creative director
Jeffrey MC Wong, associate creative director
Jackie Wong, associate creative director
Ealon Li, associate creative director
Jeffrey Wong, art director
Rachel Lao, art director
Huma Qureshi, regional director, PR & corporate communications

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