Dove's beauty sketch: Picture perfect?

Dove's latest video on beauty sketches whilst garnering millions of views and shares in the past few days has also copped flak from the netizens.

Some YouTube viewers said the video efficiently addresses the issue that "beautiful women in our society wonder if they are not good enough" but others said the ad is "simply re-enforcing social and biological standards of what physical beauty is."

Some have also claimed that although this ad might have a positive message, Dove's parent company Unilever still promotes various beauty products and whitening creams such as Fair and Lovely.

On Monday this week, Dove posted a three-minute ad on YouTube titled "Dove real beauty sketches" that asks women to view themselves and each other, aiming to depict to women that they are their own worst beauty critics.

The ad has since then garnered more than 1.5 million hits (at the time of writing).

While marketers and agency fplks Marketing spoke to lauded the ad, Ted Lim, creative director at Dentsu said such criticisms from online citizens can be expected.

While this is a positive message for women who have been made to feel inadequate about the way they look, ironically this is coming from a brand that's supposed to help women look and feel better about themselves.

"Questions will be raised about the motive and moral authority of the brand," he adds.

Head of brand and value at The Body Shop Singapore, Anna Ng said her only concern is the lack of diversity of participants depicted in the three minute video as the video depicts relatively attractive, thin women with good complexion.

However, she lauded the ad saying the uplifting message was "beautifully told through a brilliant idea".

"This is great marketing as it speaks to people at an emotional level with a timeless message about how you are lovelier than you think," she added

Chris Chiu, founder and chief creative officer of Ren Partnership seconded Ng's statement, adding this is the brands' "superb evolution" of its Real Beauty campaign.

"When I first saw that it was 3 minutes and the sketch artist introducing himself, I was thinking this was going to be contrived and hoping it wouldn't be too draggy - these were never an issue. Really applaud the work. It's one of those 'wish I had done it' pieces."