Dove asks women to decide whether they are beautiful or average

Dove has unleashed a mini-documentary showing an experiment on how women react when they are given a choice of walking through doors labeled "beautiful" and "average".

Dubbed Choose Beautiful, the video records the transformation of a selected group of women from humbly choosing the "average" doors to confidently walking through the "beautiful" doors.

Shot in five cities across the world including San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo, this experimental campaign is part of the brand's long-standing Real Beauty platform, which aims to prove that "beauty is a choice – and the power of this choice is in your hands", the company states on the video link on YouTube.

Aside from the #ChooseBeautiful video is a Tumblr page carrying relevant video content including behind-the-scenes footage and interview clips with participants.

Just like any other Dove's reflections on the concept of true beauty, this #ChooseBeautiful video sends a heartwarming reminder for women to rethink what real beauty is in an attempt to restore their confidence.

"Because I am different from where I live; From who I am," said a woman featured in the video whose first choice was passing through the "Average" entrance.

But at the end of the video she regretted: "I think the beautiful door is completely opened for me."

And it does have some impact. The video on YouTube has received nearly 400,000 views in one day with 180 comments, mostly positive.

This is yet any other inspiring work from Ogilvy & Mather after the great success of Dove Sketches, which earned the WPP's agency a Grand Effie in New York last year.