WATCH Dove's abusive campaign #PenséeQuiRendBelle

Dove’s latest campaign #PenséeQuiRendBelle (#OneBeautifulThought) takes on a tough love approach in a bid to encourage women to be kinder to themselves.

The latest campaign video features two friends exchanging scathing remarks to one another, as they enjoy their cup of coffee. While the abusive comments seemed random to restaurant patrons around them, the comments were actually picked from the journals of real women, who had been asked to jot down in their notebooks whenever they had a negative thought about their bodies.

Here's what happened:

In a staged scenario, the two "friends", who are actually actors hired by Dove, were made to say these comments in a public setting where the actual women were also present. In the video, some of the women are seen interjecting the abusive conversation, only to realise that they treat their own selves with the same harsh loathing.

Since its launch on 4 March 2015, the video has garnered close to 900,000 with an active sharing seen on Twitter thanks to the hashtag #PenséeQuiRendBelle, where users are also encouraged to share body-positive thoughts about themselves.