Dove celebrates all types of beauty with #RealBeauty Is Universal

With its #RealBeauty Is Universal campaign, and in time for one of the biggest pageants of the year, Dove uses its voice to celebrate diversity and challenge perceived notions on women’s beauty.

“The world over is experiencing a real movement towards liberating the definitions of beauty and we want women everywhere to celebrate what makes them unique – their features, their roles, and their sense of pride in being who they are, as they are,” says Neil Trinidad, Marketing Director for Dove Masterbrand.

“For the last 60 years, we have supported women, all over the world, to see beauty as a source of confidence and avenue of true self-expression, and never of anxiety. Through this campaign, we not only wanted the opportunity to work with so many women from diverse backgrounds, but also encourage conversations towards evolving to a wider definition of beauty in the Philippines” adds Neil.

Dove’s #RealBeauty Is Universal campaign was developed by Dove Creative Lead Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, drawing insights and content inspiration from real conversations on the subject. “Through our Social Command Center, we were able to uncover insights on how Filipinos are defining beauty. Our online search and listening also revealed creative and content opportunities that allowed us to develop a campaign that is based on authentic consumer sentiments. Using data for media targeting, we hope to be able to generate genuine and deep conversations amongst our target audiences,” says Dennis Perez, Unilever Philippines Head of Media.

“With this campaign, Dove hopes to continue inspiring women to develop a positive relationship with beauty, because when women recognize their potential for beauty, they have the powerful ability to positively impact the next generation,” says Neil.

The client and advertising teams collaborated with Mindshare, 1DMG and Bridges to deliver the campaign.