DOT features the “Capital of Fun” in new TVC

BBDO Guerrero and the Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) turns the spotlight on Manila in its latest TVC for the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign.

The 33-second spot portrayed Manila as the “Capital of Fun,” showing a montage of shopping bargains, some of the world’s biggest malls, Hispanic forts, street food and other urban wonders that have made the city a tourist magnet.

“Manila is a unique cultural experience for any traveler. From the 16th Century treasures of Intramuros to some of the 21st Century's largest malls. We've tried to distill it into 30 seconds - but it's best to come and see for yourself, said David Guerrero, creative chairman at BBDO Guerrero.

The video is the third in a series of ads that are part of phase II of the tourism campaign focusing on destination-specific promotions. Previous destinations featured were Davao and Boracay.

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The video was timed to launch to coincide with the Philippines’ Independence Day last 12 June. Lyle Sacris of Pabrika shot the commercial while indie band Paloma sung the soundtrack.