Domino’s and Pepsi team up for emoji campaign

Following Pepsi’s recent “Say it with PepsiMoji” campaign, Domino’s Pizza has collaborated with the beverage brand for a new contest for a campaign which also involves emojis. Pepsi is Domino’s Pizza’s long-standing beverage partner.

The collaboration will take place through a contest which will see customers standing a chance to win up to RM15,000 worth of prizes when they participate in The Perfect Deal Contest.

Main prizes include two limited edition SYM Attila Elizabeth automatic scooters. The dark blue, retro-style scooters were designed with emojis and was specially commissioned and assembled in Malaysia.

“Domino’s is excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with Pepsi. […] The Perfect Deal showcases our most popular items on the menu and this reflects our on-going commitment to providing great value for money meals while catering to our customers’ top picks,” Linda Hassan, deputy general manager, marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore, said.

“Emojis have now become a part of everyday life, just like pizza and Pepsi. Similarly, both have become integrated into the social norm and are a way to connect people in a fun and interactive manner. Through the universal language of emojis, customers will be able to relate and express themselves and their love for Domino’s tantalizing offerings,” Hassan added.

“We have been working together with Domino’s Pizza for a long time and our products are known to complement each other. Through this collaboration, we hope to create an exciting platform to engage with our joint consumer database to provide them with an enhanced experience,” Gerald Lee, vice president, sales, Etika said.

Domino’s Pizza recently opened its 25th store for the year. It aspires to continue opening more stores in the remaining quarter of the year, going beyond its initial target of annual 25 store growth.

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