Domino's MY takes cheeky jab at Blizzard Entertainment to promote pizzas

Domino's Pizza Malaysia has jumped on the hype surrounding Blizzard Entertainment's annual gaming convention, BlizzCon, and the video game Diablo to promote its pizzas.

During the recent BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled its new game Diablo: Immortal which supposedly takes place during the events of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and the beginning of Diablo 3. Since Diablo 3 was released in 2012, a fan in a red shirt asked during the Q&A session if Diablo: Immortal was an "out of season April Fool’s joke", drawing cheers and whistles from the crowd.

Its latest Facebook post featured a bespectacled man in a red shirt standing in front of the mic, with three video game characters in the background. The picture said "This is not an out-of-season April Fool's joke. You will get a treasure chest when you purchase our pizzas!". The caption added that there are "no diabolical plans" and Domino's Malaysia is eager to help consumers level up their gaming experience with the Good Game combo.

"Order here to claim your items quick before DIA BLOW away by a blizzard," Domino's added, referencing the latest buzz around Blizzard Entertainment.


Senior VP, marketing, Linda Hassan, told A+M that the e-sports parody content was a joint effort between Domino's and digital agency 16Two, which showcased "tremendous creativity". The brand strives to create a lasting impression on customers and fans by developing relatable content, and is happy to have amassed positive response from consumers, especially e-sports enthusiasts.

"Similar to our recent popular social media posting which was inspired by a leading celebrity, we seized the opportunity to deliver memorable content to our customers. A clear understanding of the brand’s commitment and aspirations, coupled with a strong alignment between our team and our agency is distinctly depicted in the creation of the latest Facebook post," Linda said.

Domino's is also heartened by the support it has received from the e-sports community shortly after its Domino's e-sports launch. "We truly look forward to moving ahead with more exciting collaborations and introductions in the e-sports arena. This is just the beginning!" she said.

The post drew about 366 reactions, 63 comments 122 shares. Netizens' reactions were mainly positive, with many calling the post "savage" and that it was advertising done right. A+M has reached out to Domino's for comment.

Last month, Domino's caused chatter among netizens by parodying Malaysian social media influencer Neelofa to promote its extra large pizza. The actress had posted a picture of her wearing a wide brimmed hat with a drink in her hand and the sun setting in the background. Inspired by Neelofa, Domino’s and 16Two published a picture of a lady with a pizza on her head and a bottle of Pepsi in her hand, along with the sunset in the background.

Linda told A+M then that speed is of the essence for Domino’s when it develops its social media postings, given the dynamic trends and viral topics online. She added that it constantly chooses to be an active player in engaging with our customers and being among the first to be part of a trending topic of conversation.

"Trend spotting is an ongoing effort and it takes a dedicated team to identify and respond creatively for us to be part of the engagement with the audience," she added.

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