Domino's Malaysia dials in on Maxis' Larni drama to push Spicy Ssamjeang series

Domino's Malaysia has once again shown its cheeky side by jumping on the recent hype surrounding Maxis and its employee Larni on social media. In a tweet, Domino's said there is #SoSpicySoDrama happening online and would like to offer Larni the opportunity to join its social media team as it appreciates her "spiciness".

The references to "spicy" and "spiciness" was also an attempt to promote Domino's Spicy Ssamjeang series which it brought back due to popular demand. The tweet was done by digital agency 16TWO. A+M has reached out to Domino's for comment.

The tweet then jokingly encouraged Larni to send a screenshot of her resume to its recruitment email.

Earlier this week, Maxis was unwittingly dragged into a social media gaffe when a tweet sent out under the name of its employee caught the eyes of netizens in Malaysia. According to a screenshot circulating online, a tweet posted on the telco's customer service account, Maxis Listens, said that presumably an employee named Larni is “tired with the incapable manager – Alvin” and is “ready to be fired soon”. The tweet also urged followers to take a screenshot of the tweet, and reshare it, in case it gets deleted. The individual behind the tweet allegedly identified herself as Larni Bharatan, Maxis social media team lead.

While the original tweet has been deleted, Bharatan has put up her own tweet, clarifying that the tweet about her and her manager Alvin is false and that both of them “have a great working relationship”. She added that Maxis is currently investigating the matter. However, netizens remained sceptical, with many asking for proof that Larni is safe, with some even creating hashtags such as #prayforlarni, #justiceforlarni, #bringlarniback and #solidarityforlarni.