Domino's hosts virtual Ramadan pizza party with local celebs Jian Hao, Fakkah Fuzz and more


Domino’s Pizza has rolled out a virtual pizza party this Ramadan to emphasise that social distancing need not mean emotional distancing. Inviting all pizza lovers, Domino’s Digital Iftar pizza parties will be held every Friday from 8 to 22 May on Instagram Live, and co-hosted by local personalities. The first virtual party will be co-hosted by Pam and Fauzi from SGAG, followed by Ridhwan and Jian Hao the week after, and last Friday by Chef Bob and Fakkah Fuzz. 

Being a brand located in the heartlands, a Domino’s spokesperson told Marketing that the brand wanted to do "more than just serve pizzas" and has since been rolling out initiatives over the years to engage with customers. Last year during Ramadan, Domino's worked with a non-profit organisation to host an Iftar pizza party in real life. Given the circumstances, Domino's decided to rethink its approach and host a series of digital iftar pizza parties inspired by the rise of growing uptake of video conferencing as well as mukbang trends. 

"Via these virtual events, we aim to instill a sense of community and togetherness - something that has always been a part Ramadan, but will definitely be different this year. In line with the launch of our Tasty Twosomes, we hope to be able to provide our customers with more special Perfect 10 moments," the spokesperson said. 

The Digital Iftar Pizza Party is also a product of remote working, as the team continued with meetings and brainstorm sessions via online video conferencing tools. According to Domino's, the whole process to ideate and bring the Digital Iftar Pizza Parties to life spans about two months with active inputs from Havas Singapore, influencers and media partners.

In addition, the influencers picked by Domino's were chosen to meet a set of criteria including resonance with the brand and the community. The spokesperson clarified that these are paid partnerships in exchange for content creation and the influencers’ hosting capabilities. Through the use of influencers, Domino's aims to have a positive effect to spark more organic engagement with the community. The Digital Iftar Pizza Party will be amplified via influencer partnerships, paid media and social content.

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The digital event comes following Domino's Pizza's "#TogetherApart" campaign, in a bid to support the fight against COVID-19. Done in collaboration with Havas Singapore, the campaign sees the company implementing zero contact delivery and takeaway services. This is to enable social distancing between its staff and customers, and give customers peace of mind when using Domino's Pizza food delivery services. According to Domino's, it will be creating a series of social media posts to keep customers updated on the precautionary measures the company is taking, as well as amplifying its messages online via paid digital and social media. The spokesperson added that its campaign's tagline #TogetherApart aims to remind the public that they are all in this fight against COVID-19 together, and it just takes good hygiene, social distancing and being physically apart to make a difference.

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