Domino's Pizza MY jumps on PS5 buzz, serves up 'pizza console'

Sony Interactive Entertainment had the Internet abuzz over the weekend when it unveiled the latest PlayStation 5 (PS5) console along with other games. The PS5 stands vertically and has a bold, two-tone design marking a radical departure from previous PS consoles. 

Not wanting to be left out from the online chatter and knowing that food and gaming go hand in hand, Domino's Pizza Malaysia inserted itself into the conversation with a Facebook post titled "The best box to complement your game". The post features a pizza box positioned vertically with a pizza jutting out, mimicking the latest PS5 console design. Next to it was a blue controller with the buttons replaced by pizzas. "This is more than just a game. Not only does it fill up your time, it also fills up your tummy," Domino's Pizza said. The pizza chain also urged consumers to order themselves a pizza console via its Pandu Ambil service which allows for hassle-free takeaway.

dominos playstation 5 pandu ambil

Done in collaboration with 16TWO, the post had 5.7k reactions, 576 comments and 4.6k shares at the time of writing. Netizens were tickled by the post, with some complimenting the company's marketing team for its creativity and speed in trendjacking. Some even coined a new term for PS5 - Pizza Speed 5. Meanwhile in one of the comments, Domino's Pizza said: "Plash Speed 5 guys. Order now with Pandu Ambil. You don't have to get out of the car. Just click and we will send it to you directly."

The term "Plash Speed 5" was in reference to an animated Korean video that went viral earlier this year. The video showed a husband attempting to install a PS4 Pro at home without his wife's knowledge. The husband apparently requested the technician to replace the home wireless router with a new unit, which turned out to be the PS4 Pro. The wife later became suspicious and questioned the meaning of "PS", to which the technician said was "Plash Speed".

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