Dollar Shave Club takes a swipe at competitors with shower gel ads [VIDEO]

Male grooming brand Dollar Shave Club has launched three 30-second ad spots which took aim at competitors such as Axe and Old Spice for its hyper masculine marketing which may not be relatable to the average Joe.  This comes a little after the brand was recently acquired by Unilever. While terms of the transaction were not disclosed, according to numerous news sources Unilever paid about US$1 billion in an all-cash deal.

All spots end with the tagline “How about a shower gel that is more you?”, pushing its shower gel product called Wanderer.

The first video, called “Massive Hero”, features a man with his girlfriend coming across a red bottle of shower gel similar to the packaging of Old Spice. She proceeds to narrate how this bottle seems “manly enough”, containing a “fully jacked amino protein system”.

They are then interrupted by a muscular body builder who then proceeds to take a bottle, flexes his muscles while topless and then squeezes the bottle till product starts exploding out.

In just 12 hours, the video garnered 147,000 views, 749 reactions, 197 shares and 90 comments at the time of writing.

The second video, available on its YouTube page, features a dark blue shower gel bottle similar to competitor Axe which has “24-hour pheromone release” functions.

Called “Deep Midnite”, the spot features two men looking with fascination, only to have a hyper masculine male character interrupt their conversation. The man, who is in gold chains and an open front shirt, squeezes the shower gel into his pants much to the dismay of the two earlier men.

The last video features “Neon Groove” with “relentless scent bursting”.  The shower gel is well received by the couple who encounter it until a man dressed in rave attire approaches, takes the same gel and shotguns a bottle of water.