DMA download: Keys to acing the tech game during a pandemic

Many companies were not spared from the impact of COVID-19 and have struggled to remain afloat. However, there are still companies that are acing the game during the pandemic. But how do they go about doing so? In the latest episode of Marketing Interactive's Digital Marketing Asia podcast, Treasure Data’s VP of global marketing Tom Treanor (pictured top right) and APAC marketing specialist Sean Valencia (pictured bottom right) discuss the types of companies that are acing the game during the pandemic, and how to kickstart the journey to build on technology despite the uncertain future. They also share areas to take note of when it comes to data adoption and implementation in a diverse market like Southeast Asia.

Treasure Data is a provider of customer data platforms that enables companies to handle massive amounts of data in a scalable way. By creating a unified customer profile, Treasure Data aims to help companies understand what each customer is about and personalise campaigns and messaging for them, to provide a more satisfactory customer experience. The company has been in Japan for about eight years and on a broader level in Asia, Treasure Data has been present for about a year and a half, working with clients including Danone Indonesia and Tri Petch Isuzu in Thailand. According to Valencia, it has a large customer base in Tokyo and through its strong connections there, received some opportunities to focus on the Southeast Asia market.

Treasure Data is also a Vibranium Sponsor for Marketing Interactive’s Digital Marketing Asia conference held from 10 to 26 November 2020. Treanor will be speaking on “Data democratisation: Leveraging on AI to feed profitable insights back to business in real time” on 18 November 2020.

Listen to the full episode here.

Marketing Interactive: What type of companies are you seeing ace the race amidst the pandemic and what makes them special?

Treanor: I think it's companies that can be flexible when they serve their customers or [flexible in] their business models. We're going back and forth between [going] in to the store or buying online now through the newly developed website. There's all these different changes that all these companies have to go through.

Having a flexible foundation and infrastructure so that they can quickly pivot with these changing times is one way that we see companies acing this.

One thing is that customers are looking for convenience, how they can get what they need and that's shifting. And so one way to capture and keep the customers is to really understand what they're doing and what they need. So having that better customer understanding is a second way to succeed in this situation.

Marketing Interactive: In such a challenging time when companies are tightening their purse strings, how can they do more with less in the area of data analytics?

Treanor: What we find is that a company's martech is their marketing technology and sometimes their sales technology is really not run efficiently. They are doing a good job of what they can, but if they don't have a unified understanding of their customers, each system has a different understanding of the customer within it. And so one way that we're advising them to do more with the data is by sharing one single view of each customer, as opposed to each system having a different view. So that's one way that we help them basically improve with the same data that they have by just kind of unifying it and using that same version of the truth and their different systems.

Marketing Interactive: We're all at different stages of digital transformation. COVID 19 has accelerated digital transformation for a lot of us but many of the plans that we outlined have also been impacted. Where does that leave your clients? How are they coping with it and how are you helping them cope with it?

Valencia: As of right now, it's quite challenging for everyone and companies are really accessing what are the next steps and what are the technologies they need now to embark on that digital transformation journey. It seems like it's something that everyone is looking into at the moment. But one thing that we're seeing is that data is really at the heart of building that foundation for digital transformation, but a big challenge is kind of orchestrating the steps of building that into the organisation of what is the full journey and roadmap for the digital transformation going to be.

So with us and our customer base, we're speaking with them about how can we utilise data together now as well as into the future and maybe how can we build that foundation for the next steps. But yes, the roadmap is different, it's challenging and yes there're many different ways that we can pursue digital transformation. It's quite important to consider what kind of technologies are going to be part of the stack, not just now but also into the near future.

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