Disney refuses to cut gay scene from Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney Studios has out-rightly refused to cut a short gay scene from Beauty and the Beast, despite the censorship demanded from Malaysian authorities.

In a statement emailed to Bloomberg, Disney said, “the film has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia” – effectively meaning, the film will not be aired in Malaysia. This came after the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia recently asked for the shot of two male characters dancing in a ballroom to be cut as it promotes homosexuality.

The Malaysian authorities had earlier said the movie would be placed under the P13 viewing category, after the “gay moment” is cut, said Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, the film board chairman, to Bloomberg.

Malaysia is not be the only country sceptical about the screening the movie. In Singapore, Bishop Rennis Ponniah on the St Andrew Cathedral’s website issued a statement which read: “It is needful that you alert your congregation about the homosexual content in Disney’s re-make of Beauty and the Beast – a film scheduled for screening during the March school holidays.”

This news comes amidst a global controversy surrounding the movie’s plot on a supposedly gay character. In a conversation with a UK magazine called Attitude, Bill Condon, director of the movie said that Le Fou, played by Josh Gad, would have a “nice exclusively gay moment” in the movie.

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