Discovering Hong Kong through local eyes

The world isn’t getting smaller, it’s getting closer. Especially in the world of tourism, where destinations are lost in the sea of sameness. In a heightened competitive landscape, how can Hong Kong stand out?

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has teamed up with Grey Group Hong Kong to roll out its new global campaign ‘Best of All, It’s In Hong Kong’, inviting citizens of the world to experience Hong Kong through the eyes of its locals.

A bustling metropolis, a land of breath-taking contrasts with cultural diversity, and a captivating display of global trendsetters, Hong Kong stands proud as one of the most visited cities in the world.

Beginning with four brand videos and a director’s cut, visitors are encouraged to see and feel Hong Kong through differing experiences including: gourmet dining, trendy fashion and entertainment, family adventures across land, sea and air, as well as experiencing the great outdoors just next to the city.

Part one of the brand video features chef Umberto Bombana, a Michelin-starred chef who has called Hong Kong home for over 20 years. Viewers are given insights on his burning passion for local cuisine, and are invited to see Hong Kong through his eyes as he embarks on a tantalising food trail alongside various renowned chefs and foodies.

Part two takes on a creative touch as the spotlight falls upon Anais Mak, a fashion designer who derives inspiration for her outfits from the creative flair of Hong Kong’s streets. Stay tuned till the end to find out who makes a surprise cameo.

Slated for launch on 28 October with an initial focus on the APAC region (China, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines), the campaign will also extend its online reach to long-haul markets such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK and USA.

The series will be broadcasted across various regional TV networks (BBC, CNBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Fox and National Geographic), as well as on local TV channels, with insider’s recommendations and itineraries readily available via Hong Kong Tourism Board’s online and social media platforms.

“To connect better with today’s travellers, who constantly seek local authenticity, it is crucial to identify and communicate the local uniqueness of Hong Kong. With this in mind, we aimed to give a taste of the Hong Kong that every traveller would want to experience even before they get here. We want them to discover Hong Kong like a local”, said Tina Chao, general manager of marketing of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

“Showcasing the local aspects of Hong Kong highlights the different dimensions this remarkable city has to offer. People love coming here, there’s no city quite like it with so many diverse and treasured moments waiting to be discovered,” said Sarah Trombetta, CEO of Grey Group Hong Kong.

Title of campaign: Best of All, It’s In Hong Kong
Agency: Grey Group Hong Kong
Client: Hong Kong Tourism Board

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