Direct mail case study: Grant’s Whisky sets sail

Grant’s Whisky wanted to draw an audience of young, aspirational men to its brand, looking to reposition itself as a cool and accessible alcohol. It also had a rebranding movement to #IOU, #StandTogether on “It’s the Ship”. It’s the Ship was a five-day, four-night event on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas, featuring international dance acts.

It wanted to create a social currency worth exchanging in the consumer’s mind in the form of epic experiences, bragging rights and inclusion to the “in-crowd”.

The target audience was males aged 21 to 30. These men would want a life in the fast lane, crave instant gratification, follow trends, want to be perceived as rich, popular, risk-takers, be sociable and have a tight-knit group of friends they party with and to flaunt their lifestyle on social media.

grants whisky sets 2grants whisky sets 2

With the help of its agency GoodStuph, the direct mail invite to the target audience had “golden tickets” to the party; an initiation guide to the party called a “Broble” (this would list 10 epic deeds available on board worthy of any self-respecting bro); a magic eight ball and Grant’s Dollars – which partygoers could place their bids to win a private party with DJ Sasha Grey.

As a result, the brand received a 90% response rate to invites sent out, with more than 200 creative opinion leaders attending the five-day four-night event.

The writer is
Marcus Low, regional marketing manager, William Grant & Sons.

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