Direct mail case study: AIA’s move to reconnect with customers

To encourage existing customers to reconnect with their AIA financial services consultants for a financial health review, AIA created a direct mailer for this purpose. This was done through the idea of helping customers realise the impact of an under insurance gap on their futures.

The direct mailer aimed to align with AIA Singapore’s commitment to helping individuals and families in Singapore achieve their financial goals and lead happier, healthier and better lives.

The direct mailer featured a dark cloud which gave way to rays of sunlight when a tab was pulled, conveying the stark difference between an uncertain future and a brighter one with AIA Singapore’s support.

Upon opening the tab, a variety of incentives were provided for recipients to take action and connect with their financial consultants.

This included Robinsons gift vouchers and a chance to win a trip to London. It also hoped to strike an instant emotional connection through the use of personalisation. Three target audience segments, based on age, each received a slightly different version of the direct mailer which was relevant to their stage of life.

The first segment was Gen Y which focused on relating to the start of their financial journey.  It appealed to those who are keen on staying one step ahead of the future and highlighted the importance of being able to see that future clearly and plan for it early.

The second target segment was young parents. The direct mailer aimed to demonstrate an understanding of their day-to-day concerns, from working overtime to becoming a parent for the first time. It also aimed to show its support through better savings plans for growing families.

The last target segment was pre-retirees who require financial advice as they seek a regular income stream to supplement their lifestyle or a way to leave a richer legacy.


To remind Singaporeans to review their financial portfolios because of ever-changing financial needs. This ensures they are prepared as they move through different stages in life. It also aims to encourage policyholders to take the simple first step of reconnecting with their financial services consultant.

Target audience

The campaign was targeted at existing AIA Singapore policyholders, especially those who were likely to be underinsured because of a busy lifestyle.


The campaign exceeded the sales forecast premiums by 74% and was well-received by customers who connected with their AIA financial services consultants within the three-month launch.

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