Digit touts viral success of Anmum 9-Month Date campaign.

Digit, the digital arm of DM9 JaymeSyfu, has touted its viral success for an online campaign they did for Fonterra milk brand Anmum without piggy backing on media hype.

Late last April, Digit uploaded the first of three videos for the “Anmum 9-Month Date,” a series starring a cute animated character guiding mothers through the different stages of pregnancy.

The agency reports that the first “9-Month Date: First Trimester” video got over 628,000 plays and more than 118,000 likes (on and off post), shares and comments on Facebook with minimal media push.

The Second Trimester video has just been uploaded last week and has so far been also well received, garnering over 12,000 likes and over 6,000 shares. The third part of the series is currently on its way.

“The ‘Anmum 9-Month Date’ is a perfect example of how online videos are supposed to perform,” claims Digit managing director, Carlo Ople.

“Media just gives it a push, and it grows organically from there because of the power of the creative material that was purposefully and strategically made for the web. Viral and not buy-ral.”

Its viral power can also be partly due to its human approach to pregnancy, which have often times been discussed very technically, says Merlee Jayme, DM9 JaymeSyfu chief creative officer.

“Most, if not all videos on pregnancy show the mom’s perspective or have a very scientific take the baby’s development.”

“We wanted to take a different and a more emotional route. We showed the baby’s point of view while growing inside mommy’s tummy. The result? A cute film that touches your heart, whether you’re a mom or not,” she adds.