Digimind updates Competitive Intelligence software

Global social intelligence company Digimind has launched a completely new interface for its Competitive Intelligence (CI) software, Digimind Intelligence.

The aim of competitive intelligence teams is to acquire an exclusive and complete vision of what is happening around their company, their industry, and across society as a whole.

With social media evolving over the last few years, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become major sources of intelligence. Digimind listened to the changing market by integrating Digimind Social with Digimind Intelligence to make it the most powerful competitive intelligence software in the market.

With Digimind Intelligence, companies are not only able to monitor unlimited web sources, personalised sources in multiple formats such as web pages, forums, blogs, sources behind authentication, metasearch engines and social media, but also seamlessly share these insights within the organisation.

Taking inspiration from the engagement, communication and interactions facilitated by social networks, Digimind Intelligence revolutionizes Competitive Intelligence with new ways of sharing information and organizing data in comprehensive ways that cater to the changing needs of users.

The new Digimind Intelligence software features:

  • Advanced statistics, realtime analytics, semantic and machine learning algorithms
  • Ability to see key topics, user needs and interests at a glance
  • Accessibility on mobile phones including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • User-friendly interface with the same shareability as social networks