Digimind adds Wechat, Glassdoor and Yelp to its offerings

Digimind, a global social intelligence company, added applications such as WeChat, Yelp and Glassdoor to its list of monitored sources. This advancement allows clients to collect data from these three sources to form their marketing initiatives. The applications have distinctive features which cater to different audiences worldwide. They are as follows:


Wechat, a Chinese mobile text and voice messaging app, developed by Tencent in 2011, has 806 million monthly active users. With this addition, clients can keep a pulse on trending stories and influencers on Wechat. Combined with Weibo, which Digimind Social also monitors, clients can now get an all rounded view of how their brand and product launches are being received by the average Chinese consumer.


Glassdoor acts as a social network for companies to post employment offers, and for employees to post anonymous reviews and average salaries for positions of all levels. It currently has 30 million profiles and 10 million reviews on 540 000 registered businesses.

With the addition of Glassdoor, companies can now monitor what past, current, and prospective employees are saying about them or their competitors. Employers can also improve their internal HR and recruitment strategies based on feedback posted on this channel.


Yelp which allows users to post public reviews of almost every type of service has 108 million registered consumer ratings and 2.8 million local businesses. With the addition of Yelp, businesses with a registered profile can monitor related post on the site in real-time. Businesses also enjoy greater dexterity in responding to reviews, as well as more insights from which to improve their products and services

“Digimind closely tracks the development of all social networks and trends,” Patrice Francois, CEO of Digimind said.  “Each source empowers the clients in different ways. Glassdoor enables them to monitor and optimise their brand and attractiveness to potential employees, Yelp enables them to better understand their customers and to improve the quality of their service, while Wechat enables the evaluation of the Chinese market,” he added.