Digi shares 'Grandfather Stories' this CNY

This Chinese New Year, Digi Telecommunications (Digi) hopes to drive home the importance of meaningful connections with a poignant video to remind everyone to cherish those close to us. The short film, titled ‘Grandfather Stories’, was inspired by the Chinese saying that ‘wealth never survives three generations’ (“Fu bu guo san dai” in Mandarin). The short film illustrated that instead of wealth, family stories that are passed from one generation to the next are actually the greatest inheritance of all.

The video follows the journey of a young boy who eventually overcome his fear of water with the aid of his grandfather’s love and wisdom. Their relationship is at first estranged as he does not understand his grandfather’s odd behaviour but later comes to realise the importance of understanding and respect for our elders who have guided us along the way.

Bernard Lee, Digi’s head of marketing services explained that the video hopes to remind today’s energetic yet impatient youngsters to face new challenges with the wisdom and patience of the old, as depicted by the grandfather in this tale.


“We all have stories to tell as we go through our lives, and it is such human connections that matter the most to our customers and all Malaysians, young and old alike. In times of adversity, love gives us the strength and courage to overcome even the most difficult of times. From all of us at Digi, we want to wish all Malaysians Gong Xi Fa Cai. May we all have a wondrous and prosperous year ahead whilst keeping in mind the memories and people who have helped us get to where we are today,” he said