Kuantan road rage: Is this DiGi's latest marketing stunt? #30HariBaik

Following a recent road rage incident between a woman and an elderly man in Kuantan, telco DiGi Telecommunications stepped up to pay for the elderly man's car damages. The incident which was captured on video saw a woman burst into a fit of rage and hit the elderly man’s car with a steering lock after he bumped into the back of her white Peugeot.

According to a post on its Facebook page, which is titled “#30HariBaik Can you see the good?” DiGi said:

“Things might have gotten out of hand but we saw a really patient uncle who showed us the value of empathy. Uncle, if you're reading this, please let us know in the comments below. We'd love to pay for the repairs of your car. To the one who was upset, we know it was a tough situation but if you could find it in your heart to forgive, we'll fix yours too.”

The post has since gotten 3,7000 shares. While many lauded the move, several others questioned if this was a marketing stunt by the telco.

The video which was uploaded on YouTube, ran on Oh! Media's channel. Oh! Media is a social media advertising company in Kuala Lumpur and DiGi is one of its many clients.

A simple coincidence? Perhaps not. A+M has reached out to both  DiGi and its PR agency Rantau PR for more comments on the move and to verify if this was a PR stunt.

Meanwhile check out the video of the incident:



Also, Peugeot Club Malaysia, a non-profit club created by Peugeot enthusiasts, made known its intentions to help in the situation. In a Facebook post it said:

“We in Peugeot Club Malaysia do not condone any physical violence to humans or vehicles in any circumstance. Uncle, we are happy to assist you to our recommended workshop around Malaysia and pay for the repairs of your car. Please leave your contacts in our inbox and we will get back to you shortly. And to the lady, we do have some Anger Management class for you too. Please apply within and of course, the bill will be on us.”