Digi and Cyberview back nation's 5G agenda with new lab in Cyberjaya


Digi Telecommunications and Cyberview have partnered to introduce the 5G OpenLab, a 5G-powered collaborative space in Cyberjaya where businesses, academics and developers can go to test new 5G use cases, which will launch on 1 Cotober.

Located in Cyberview’s RekaScape, the 5G OpenLab will serve to advance new technology solutions and innovations with Digi and its technology partner ZTE. The lab will provide select participants the opportunity to trial test cases and prototypes that will benefit from 5G’s super high-speed, massive bandwidth and ultra-low latency connectivity in a live, controlled environment. The trials will be conducted using 100MHz of the 3.5GHz spectrum.

The lab's location offers an opportunity for local innovators and academia, to test and incubate their services and products in a live testing environment. This is in line with Cyberjaya’s offering of the entire city as a Living Lab.

Following the launch, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) are among the first to conduct trials at the lab. UPM will test two use cases related to a smart education virtual reality learning space, and an augmented reality avatar for smart cities. Meanwhile, CREST will work on digital healthcare use cases related to Emergency Medical Services, remote surgery, remote monitoring for Smart Hospitals and 5G connected ambulances.

Albern Murty (pictured right), Digi’s CEO said that the 5G OpenLab will inspire many innovators, in the spirit of collaboration, to learn, share and synergise to build the next-generation of solutions for Malaysia.

“5G will bring entirely new possibilities to the way Malaysians live, work and play, and the best way to explore these possibilities is to put 5G in the hands of our local innovators and developers. We are pleased to partner Cyberview to create a space that facilitates a collaborative approach to develop the potential of our nation’s 5G ecosystem,” he added.

Najib Ibrahim (pictured left), MD of Cyberview says that the opening of this collaborative space is very exciting for 5G development in Malaysia and in Cyberjaya, particularly.

“The 5G Open Lab essentially adds a critical cog in advancing the tech ecosystem that we have in Cyberjaya. We believe that what we do here today together with Digi is a significant step towards creating a platform upon which SMEs, startups and innovators can accelerate and position themselves ahead of the 5G curve by being here first,” he added.