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DiCaprio explodes over whisky

After missing out as an Oscar nominee for his role in Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have cashed in a lucrative pay cheque for a commercial for Jim Beam in Japan during his break from acting.

The 17-second spot features the star in a crisp white dress shirt shaping a block of ice into the perfect orb. After spinning it on the tumbler a few times, he breaks it into pieces with a snap of a finger.

The Titanic star then tops the glass and says his famous four words: “Cool Bourbon. Jim Beam.”

The comical music in the background is obviously supposed to make the whole commercial all the more serious.

The Japanese campaign comes at a time when Jim Beam handed its global creative duties to
Australian agency The Works, U.S.-based Strawberry Frog and Germany’s Jung von Matt.

The three agencies will form a new venture called FutureWorks and work towards Jim Beam’s first global marketing campaign.

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