Diamond marketplace LUXIEE challenges men to create 'dream' ring for partners

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, GERMS Creative Capital's online diamond marketplace LUXIEE, has launched a marketing campaign to find out men's understanding of their partners when it comes to shopping for engagement rings. The brand created a social video featuring four duos - a pair of best friends, a couple dating, newly weds, and a long time married couple.

Using LUXIEE’s website, the men were tasked to design the "dream" engagement ring for the women in their lives, and the final designs will be shown to their other halves to determine if their picks were a hit or a miss. According to LUXIEE, the goal was to find out if men really are that clueless about engagement rings.

GERMS worked on the creative and social media aspects of the campaign, while production was done by WowFX Studios. Watch the video here:


Alongside the video, LUXIEE will also share useful buyer trends to facilitate purchase decision, while acting as a reference guide for those on the hunt for a diamond ring. According to the diamond marketplace, there is an increasing trend of females taking charge of what they want, by browsing and dropping hints to their partners. On its official website, females make up 60% of all site traffic, though men make up 77% of eventual buyers.

In addition, the video marks as the first vertical video format for LUXIEE. Freda Kwok, marketing director, LUXIEE said that given the advent of vertical videos via platforms such as IGTV and TikTok, and the mobile-first habits of savvy millennial target audience, the company worked on vertical video format for better reach and relatability. “It also helps drive through the point of LUXIEE being an online platform, set up especially to disrupt the traditional way of shopping for diamonds,” she added.

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