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DHL Global Forwarding names new MD in HK and Macau

DHL Global Forwarding, a division of DHL which provides air and ocean freight forwarding services in Europe and Asia, has appointed Mark Slade as managing director of Hong Kong and Macau. He be tasked with further strengthening the performance of DHL Global Forwarding in the two regions.

Slade has been with the organisation for 14 years, including in the role of managing director of Japan at DHL Global Forwarding.

“In his six years leading our operations in Japan , Mark showed a care for the entire market that went well beyond simply doing business,” said Steve Huang , CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Greater China. “His contributions to service standards and morale of the business, from leading post-earthquake volunteering efforts to creating networking forums for overseas Japanese professionals, have rallied customers and employees around our brand while also generating exceptional business results.”

Slade said the successes in Japan stem from the commitment of the team to literally go the extra mile for both customers and communities. “I’m excited to join our team in Hong Kong and Macau as they continue to sustain our reputation there for excellent customer service and logistics performance, and look forward to applying what I’ve learnt in Japan to take our results and brand to the next level.”

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